We help our local and international, corporate and individual clients, with comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date advise & services & management of their global private and corporate assets.

Our services and capabilities

Swiss corporate management and business administration

Swiss company means the highest in the world reputation, stable legal system, low burocracy, business oriented environment, attractive tax regime, procession of swiss bank corporate account. Swiss company perfectly serves a variety of general business purposes, such as Trading, Manufacturing, IT Business, Consulting, Holding of assets etc.
  • With a Swiss company, it is very easy & convenient to do business around the world or enter into International market and access international business opportunities
  • For company structure, a client can be a Director and a Shareholder. Swiss company requires at least one Swiss director or one member of the board. M services provides for both functions. Also M Services provides Registered Office
  • A company reaches a point where it wants to grow beyond the boundaries of its original place of business and seeks a stable, well-organized location with financial advantages. Local facilities, including management and office, are an essential part of keeping such a model successful.

    • Definition of the corporate goal together with the client
    • Selection of the corporate structure form, location, corporate roles
    • Official registration of legal entities
    • Directorship and Board of Directors functions in a Swiss corporate entity
    • Maintenance of the company operations and development
  • We assist with the establishment of a company in Switzerland, the restructuring of an existing company or the redomiciliation to Switzerland. We help the client with the project of new incorporation from the point of view of costs, taxes and benefits and show the best solution for the client and his goal. We help our clients to run a business and to manage the business in Switzerland in an organized and safe way

Private & Corporate Banking set up

  • A banking account in Switzerland is considered a safe haven for current and future generations in the family. It is also a building block in the foundation for any personal development within Switzerland or abroad, be it the purchase of real estate, off-bank investments or a partial move outside the current residence. Due to the political and economic stability of this jurisdiction, as well as its business-oriented mentality, Switzerland is perfectly designed to manage regulatory and economic international changes with the least possible impact for its clients.
  • M Services provides services of a bank account opening and some can be opened remotely. We have rich experience in assisting our intentional clients for more than 18 years and have good relationship with over 20 banks in Switzerland, and more than 10 outside - Lichtenstein, Monaco, London, HongKong. We understand different banks have different requirements, we defines a bank, best for a client and makes sure the positive outcome.

    • Selection of a bank for the client‘s profile and purpose
    • Preparation of client KYC profile according to a Swiss bank standard
    • Introduction of the client’s dossier to the bank
    • Communication and working with a bank to open an account
    • Maintenance of a banking relationship
  • We lead you through the process of opening an account for you, your family member, your company and your private business. We organise the documentation and systematise the information necessary for a successful account opening. From a large number of banks, we select the most suitable one for our client based on personal requirements and qualifications. We establish a convenient contact in the bank for a successful cooperation to create your own long-term partnership for the future.

Administration, Bookkeeping,

Tax management

  • Administration
    • Сommunication with authorities, banks and other external bodies on clients‘ behalf
    • Bills management
  • Communication and negotiation with the authorities
    • Work permits
    • Residence permits
  • Tax advice and book-keeping
    • Tax Advisery and tax declaration
    • Annual accounts
    • General bookkeeping
  • Family office and secretarial services

Peru Investments and investor visa. Relocation

A better way to get your home, rental, or office clean.
  • Relocation (organisation, execution)
    obtaining of Investor visa and Peruvian Residence
  • Registration of private company
    bank account in a Peruvian bank
  • Real estate selection
    business development
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M Services is an owner-managed company based in Switzerland, Zurich. M Services provides services to the clients in banking, corporate set up and in real estate investments.
Olga Margolina

Founder and managing partner, has over 17 years of experience in Swiss Private Banking, Management, Board of Directors functions, business development. Before running successfully own business, Mrs. Margolina had 15 years in managing- and client relations‘ roles in top Swiss Banks with over 700 mln CHF entrusted assets. Olga and its company’s relationship to clients is personal, dedicated, discreet and is based on trust and recommendations

Professional measures

With professional measures, personal attitude and thanks to strong network, M Services ensures a fast and smooth achievement of the desired business result.
Mrs. Margolina holds Master in Economy, Executive MBA Diploma, STEP Diploma in Family Enterprise Advising.
Since 2021, M Services GmbH is authorized by FINMA to act in a function of Swiss Professional Fiduciary as a member of Self-Regulatory Organisation (PolyReg).

Personal credo:

„I am a business women who is flexible to adopt to changes and to retain stability through time and weather. I trust my got feeling in business, believe in long term people relationships and verify well before acting swift.“
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